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I am here to help you release what weighs you down and equip you to be strong from the inside out.

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I am passionate about helping you!

If you are frustrated and feel overwhelmed by your weight loss journey, you are in the right place! As a Health and Life Coach, I have found that there can be a mental, emotional, and even spiritual component to weight loss. If you have tried ALL the things ... or, don't know where to begin ... you are in the right place. Let me help you lose what weighs you down as I equip you to get strong from the inside out.

More About Me
"Marjie is enthusiastic about her mission, always looking for new ways to reach out and help. She is a great motivator, listener, and God has given her the gift of discernment. I love how she does group coaching virtually so no matter where I am I can benefit by learning from other women. It helped me realize I am not alone, even from across the country. It felt like a safe place being in my own home and I liked not having to drop everything to rush somewhere."
~ Leslie


Experience a different way to exercise. Rather than fitness being a "have to", what if it could be a "get to"?
My classes are designed:
* For all fitness levels
* To help you be strong physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
* To create a safe space for you to connect with other women and increase your confidence
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Do you feel stuck in your weight loss journey? 
Are you frustrated with restrictive diet plans? 
Do you know there is more to your battle to lose weight than just food?
Do you struggle with stress eating or emotional eating?
Are you ready to try a gentle approach that's beyond just diet and exercise?
Yes, Please!


Are you ready to release what weighs you down? Then, join me in this 9 week program as I lead a small group of women who are ready to:
* Walk in their potential
* Simplify healthy eating
* Grow in their self-confidence
* Learn how to change their negative self-talk
* Connect and grow with other like-minded women


I'm Ready!

Are you ready to release what weighs you down?

Trust me, I know you are busy. My goal is to honor your time ... and mine ... by being short and to the point with my weekly(ish) newsletter. Sign up and let me lead you on a journey to release what weighs you down so you can receive more ... more goodness, more peace, more strength ... more of what makes you happy.

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